I was suffering for the past couple of months and my primary care doctor sent me to get an MRI and referred me to Dr. Small. Staff was very friendly and I provided them disc so Dr. Small could review it before seeing me. When he came into the room he was smiling and gave me confidence and explained what was going on. I had a herniated disc between my S1 and L5 and informed me I needed surgery. At the time I was limping, in so much pain as my sciatic nerve was being bothered by that disc. I refused the surgery because I was scared. His surgeon assistant Mr. Michael Tubbs called me several times and spoke to me about how necessary the surgery was and I was convinced that I had to do it. I had surgery on July 10, 2019 and I do not regret it whatsoever. Dr. Small and Mr. Tubbs were so attentive and I have been following up with Dr. Small since my surgery and he has answered all my questions. He takes the time to explain in detail and listens to you as well. He always has a smile on his face and to me that is what I needed to trust him and to know that everything was going to be okay. Gloria his nurse is the best too, always nice to see her at the office.

Wendy T.

My Respect for Dr. Henry Small is like nothing like any other Doctor I have had help me in the past. So much so that I spent 500 bucks out of my own pocket for at first just his opinion on a possible surgery because I am on one of the cheap no for good AARP Medicare advantage plans that Dr. Small does not take, and after finding out what they pay Doctors know one will be purchasing these low cost useless plans. 5 years after a major back overhaul I have developed another condition at no fault with Dr Small. I called my Insurance company to see if I could change to a stand alone plan to which the answer was no since I was under the age of 65. I did get them to concede in covering 90 days for the surgery I need and agreement for them to allow me to have Dr Small to do the surgery. I won’t let anyone else with a scalpel touch my back.

Robert F.

Dr. Small is an amazing, caring human being. He takes the time to explain things and has a great deal of patience. Very professional and extremely knowledgable of in his profession. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my life to it’s fullest. I highly recommend him and refer everyone I know to him.

Mary G.

Dr. Small and his staff honestly gave me a new start at life. I have been living a pain filled life for so long that I forgot what it felt like to wake up and not be in full knuckle biting pain. I recently had surgery and feel like my old 20 year old self. I will be forever grateful to this new life.

Jeremy P.

Dr. H.N. Small is the absolute BEST EVER! Words and five stars does not do him any justice! Dr. Small saved my leg from amputation, he took his time and put each piece back together from a compound Tib/Fib! Dr. Small, i can’t Thank You enough for saving my leg and being a great, caring and down to earth Doctor!

Shawne G.

This back Doctor is AWESOME!. I came to him for a second opinion and in need of lower back surgery at the diagnosis of another back Surgeon. Dr. Small was personable, knowledgeable and pretty darn competent. He gave me all the time I needed to ask questions, and he made sure that prior to leaving his office I was informed and able to make the right decisions regarding my health and getting better.
I would highly recommend meeting with Dr. Small if you are experiencing back pain and are looking for solid medical advice on how to correct it.

Michelle S.

I love Dr. Small he is my favorite Doctor. My experience was none other than superb. My back went out in 2010 the most scariest thing ever. I can’t describe the pain but after seeing Dr. Small and being under his care I made a full recovery. He is the Best!

Grateful and Satisfied

Carrman R.