Knee pain is a very common symptom that we see in our clinic. With just this complaint alone, there are well over a dozen potential conditions or injuries behind it. As the center joint of the leg, the knee takes a lot of force with each step, whether you run or walk. Just standing around could even lead to knee pain. Patients struggling with a severe case of arthritis may have similar symptoms in other major joints that indicate more than just wear and tear.

While knee pain itself is a common symptom, there are numerous other effects that can come along with it. We can help our clients with symptoms like:

  • Tenderness on the surface of the skin or when the knee is pressed
  • Pain that increases with exercise and activity
  • Tingling and numbness around the knee or extending down to the knee
  • Instability or buckling when weight is placed on the joint
  • Swelling
  • Popping, snapping, or creaking noises